Payne County Council of Defense World War I

The Council of Defense was established in May of 1917, to increase patriotism and to support the war effort. The organization had a wide range of tasks, including publicity, conservation of food and fuel, military preparedness, and the promotion of Liberty Bonds, war savings stamps, and Red Cross campaigns. The Payne County council was headed by C. L. Burdick and John L. Bishop, who directed a war-bond sales campaign.

In 2009, The Payne County Historical Society gifted the Stillwater History Museum with a series of documents and correspondence from the Payne County Council of Defense.  These documents have been digitized and select documents are available at

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The Stillwater History Museum and Stillwater Public Library have collections on the Oklahoma Department of Libraries’ website, Images of Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Digital Maps Collections  The Oklahoma Digital Maps Collection contains over 9,200 images from the period 1803-1925. Searching Payne County there are 484 items, including plat survey maps from Indian Territory.


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